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 Twilight Older Fans Guidelines

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PostSubject: Twilight Older Fans Guidelines   Twilight Older Fans Guidelines Time10Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:36 am

Most of you know all these already, they're no secret but, just for those who haven't read them, here we go.

First and foremost, this is NOT a fan group. We're here to discuss various topics relating to the Saga, it's characters, actors, crew etc. but what we do NOT want are discussions more suited to a teen forum. There are different forums catering to different themes, please keep your posts on the relevant forum. The art gallery is for you to post self made graphics, or fan art that you have found on the internet, but you MUST credit the artist wherever possible. (If you see any graphics on this site that are yours and you haven't been credited, please let the Administrators know whether you would like it removing or crediting).

Trolling is NOT allowed and the guilty party will be banned instantly, no question asked.

Please, no 'txt spk'. Not only is it very distracting but as older fans of Twilight, we aren't all well versed. We also have a lot of members whose first language is not English. They have a lot to contribute to this forum and we don't want to discourage them.

This is a forum for Twilight fans over the age of 25, hence the subtitle. Should we find that anyone has lied to gain access to the forum, you will be banned. A note of your IP address is kept should you try to regain access.

We actively encourage you to join in. This forum is for you, so if there's anything else you would like to see, please get in touch with one of the Administrators ands we will see what can be done about it. (Within reason please).

Please try and keep posts on topic. There is a forum for off topic chat and this should be used for chit chat and anything not pertaining to The Twilight Saga.

Please search before you start a new topic to make sure there hasn't already been one started. This will be easy in the early days but hopefully, once we get settled, you will be able to use the search function.

Should you have any problems with any members of the site or with the site itself, please message one of the Administrators.

Finally, have fun! Twilight Older Fans Guidelines Icon_bounce
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Twilight Older Fans Guidelines
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